Trattoria e Tripperia Le Zendraglie - E.Fiorenzano nella Pignasecca a Napoli

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The Trattoria Le Zendraglie typical Neapolitan cooking ... our story:

The E. Fiorenzato born in the mid-60s after the division of the business founded by his father PASQUALE FIORENZO in 1927, year of birth of Emila. Activities conducted by the father until the late 50 and then passed to their children until their split in 1965, from this moment comes the E. Fiorenzato tripperia Neapolitan today only to have its own production of trippa is that all products sold in its stores even with a large supply of wholesale to supermarkets and butcher shops.

Change name changing face "Le Zendraglie - E. Fiorenzano" renews itself wanting bring to light the ancient flavors of the basic recipe offal of sheep, beef and pork from traditional soup carnecotta to the marshal-soup, from the pasticciola to the trippa cheese and eggs from the stentiniello oven to frasame padded.

But not only Frattaglie, "Le Zendraglie - E. Fiorenzano" is Neapolitan cuisine cooked at very competent prices with such warmth and kindness.


... because "Le Zendraglie"

It tells the story, that between the end of the thirteenth and early fourteenth century, during and after the French dominion in the Kingdom of Naples was using that very poor people come together in Castelnuovo (Il Maschio Angioino), or even around homes of the rich in order to feed the remains of their lavish banquets.

It was customary to discard the innards of animals eaten with just a ceremony including:
The French serve to attract the attention of the people shouting the words "Les entrailles" (the intestines) and women of the dispute is to take possession of at least part of these ruins.  

These people were identified as those of zandraglie, poor people and then sent. Hence the word "Le zendraglie" by the Neapolitan language translation of the French words "Les entrailles".

Which word better then to call our local. "The Zendraglie" from the French "Les entrailles" ... eaters of frattaglie.

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